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SOFA AND CHAIR STEAM CLEANING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Stained sofa? Dusty armchair or Dirty chair? Your upholstery needs a general freshening up to get rid of germs and bacteria? Look no further! We are the Upholstery cleaning specialist that you need!

At Best Local Carpet Cleaners, our upholstery cleaning team can thoroughly clean your carpet or your sofa with our most advanced upholstery cleaning technology and solutions. We only use eco-friendly products and materials and we work with the latest cleaning machines on the market. We constantly upgrade and improve out equipment and upholstery cleaning methods to meet your high standards.

Best Local Carpet Cleaners can remove stains and ground in dirt which may seem difficult to remove.  We can clean sofas and chairs, restoring their fabric and making them look like new.

Regular upholstery cleaning

Professional cleaning prolongs and preserves the appearance, life, quality of your upholstery. Any upholstery will carry a significant amount allergens, pollen and dust that will stick and build up with time. Sunlight, humidity and dust can also decrease the life of your upholstery.

Cleaning your upholstery on regular intervals will help to restore the fresh look and extend the life of your sofas and armchairs. Why waste money on store bought products or expensive hire machines that do not work? We believe that cleaning your upholstery every 6 months will prolong its life and will create a healthy environment for you to live in. Sofa or other upholstery that are cleaned on regular basis stay clean and allergen free for longer.

We guarantee that all of the dirt will be removed and all of the tough stains will be efficiently treated.

Upholstery cleaning process

Our sofa cleaning and chair cleaning start with a complete inspection and test for colorfastness. Next, we apply the cleaning solvent to lift stains and spots, then follow up with a thorough application of cleaning solution. We use a hot water extraction process to rinse away dirt and cleaning solutions, and to remove any remaining water from your furniture. If you want, we can also apply Stain Protector or Anti-Bacterial coating to prevent future stains and the growth of microbes.

We are here to help you relax and get on with life, without having to endure such an unpleasant and dirty task. We are here to get rid of the dirt, dust and mite, living in your upholstery. Our professionals will look after you from the moment you pick up your phone until the very end. You will be guided through your appointment and the whole process. You can contact us to discuss your appointment or change it at anytime of the day or night. We are available 24/7 and we are always happy to help. If you need to cancel your appointment, there are no charges or cancellation fees up to the day of your appointment. We will contact you the day before to make sure you are still happy to go ahead with your upholstery clean. Our fully trained upholstery cleaning technician will arrive on time or let you know if he is running late in advance. The specialist will examine the fabric and will explain the whole cleaning process. You will be able to discuss any problematic areas with the professional, such as tough stains, drying times, moving furniture etc. We will make sure you understand the process and you are happy with it before any cleaning work commence. Our upholstery cleaning technician would practice the following method:

1. Examination and test of the fabric and its reaction to our products

2. Pre-spray and spot clean of the area using stain removing chemicals

3. Steam cleaning method or hot water extraction

4. Full rinse and moisture control

5. Anti-bacterial treatment, Deodoriser and Stain Protector if required

At Best Local Carpet Cleaner we will not only CLEAN your upholstery, we will PROTECT and DEODORISE it!

With our fast drying steam cleaning equipment your sofa will be dry within 4-6 hours.

 Our professional upholstery cleaning can guarantee:

<We treat all types of fabric

< No Colour Runs  

<No Shrinkage

<Quick Dry

<No harsh chemicals

<Safe for children and pets

<Removal of dirt

<Removal of bad odour

<Tough Stains Treatment

<Allergen Treatment

 Once the job has been completed, our technician will make sure you are happy with the results before you pay for it and he only leaves when you are 100% satisfied.

We can come back and re-do the job FREE of charge within the next few days in case you realise you are not fully satisfied after we have left your home.

We would appreciate if you leave a positive comment about our services on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram or Google+.

Stain removing specialist

We specialise in removing tough stains from your sofa,stool,chair, or any other type of upholstery. We use the best stain removal products on the market to treat your sofa without damaging the fabric.

Effective pre-treatment and spot remover is usually used for heavily soiled areas or greasy carpets but it can also be used as a spot cleaner for general spots and stains of carpet before extraction machine cleaning.

The stain removing chemicals we use are especially made to remove or neutralise acidic or oily stains such as food stains, blood stains, vomit stains, tea, coffe or milk stains, as well as wine stains on your carpet or fabric sofa.

We use odour neutralising chemicals and air conditioners against broad range of odour problems including smoke and fire residue.

There are multi-purpose spot cleaners that can easily remove nail polish, varnish and glue from carpets and fabric. We use especially designed gum removal or an aerosol freezer spray product to effortlessly remove chewing gum from carpets and fabric upholstery. A high performance quick drying spotter or a citrus based liquid gel are normally used to treat oil based stains such as grease,oil,gum,cosmetics and fresh paint.

There is also a specially formulated detergent deodoriser for the treatment of urine deposits in carpets and fabrics. It will deodorise and chemically neutralise urine, to prevent permanent staining and unpleasant odour during cleaning.

We use a Coffee stain remover for the direct treatment of coffee,tea,tannin, beer,water marks and many more yellow and brown discolourations on carpets and fabrics.

Graffiti remover is used to remove ink,paint or crayons from most surfaces.

There are chemicals that are powerful as well as safe and can be used as an all purpose spot remover on all fabrics including wool and nylon.

The Best Upholstery cleaner around

I am sure everyone would want their sofa to be perfectly clean and fresh. No dust, no allergens, no nasty surprises. Just pure and simple clean. This is what we want too. And this is what we have perfected: offering the best possible upholstery cleaning service in London and beyond. We are the best at what we do and we are local to you so it is a no surprise that we are called Best Local Carpet Cleaners!

Our professional and fully trained sofa specialists can transform your home or office sofa into the spotless furniture you deserve! The sofas get dirty easily by letting our pet in with their muddy paws. Another reason to clean the sofas are our messy children or inconsiderate teenagers who can spill, drop, drib, splash or accidently wet the sofa . You can never escape the usual wear and tear that comes with years of use. That’s when you need our services to not only clean but to restore the former shine and glory of your sofas! The stains on your sofa can make it looks absolutely dreadful, unpleasant and badly presented. Nothing to worry about. Our new powerful sofa cleaning machines can completely destroy and get rid of your nasty stains, dirt or allergens. We use the most advanced steam upholstery cleaning machines to shampoo and remove the dirt in a hot water extraction process. We can easily eliminate the stains from your sofa and give it a new lease of life, free of dirt and bacteria.

We use the best steam sofa cleaning machinery in the business, as well as the best techniques and chemicals recommended by all sofa manufacturers. At Best Local Carpet Cleaners we use gentle technique and individual approach to each type of sofa. The material of the client’s sofa is carefully examined before any cleaning takes place. We can successfully remove dirt and stains from all types of materials .We also provide a free of charge advice on how to maintain your sofa clean for longer or how to protect it from getting stained.

Our sofa cleaning technicians are well known for their friendliness and professionalism. It is nice to meet a friendly face and have a warmly chat over a cup of tea at the same time as having your sofa cleaned. It is a breath of fresh air! Our boys are so nice to talk to and so dedicated to their job, they practically love what they do! They put a lot of effort into their upholstery cleaning work and you would love the result. There isn’t a client that has not recommended our steam sofa cleaning services or has not used our services again and again.

Reasonable prices

We offer the best prices for your sofa cleaning in the London area, nearby Essex,Kent and Herts. We can afford to keep our prices cheap without compromising on the quality of work we offer. We are aiming to be the most affordable steam sofa cleaning company in London and beyond, because we want to remain within the reach of everyone regardless of their financial situation or social status.

Best Local Carpet Cleaners is for everyone’s pocket! We offer a lot of discounts as well,so why don't you visit out Hot Offers page or call us for more details: 0800 195 6963.

 We keep our prices low but we don’t fail to meet your high expectations. We keep our promises to give the best sofa cleaning service we can. You will be amazed how clean your sofa looks and how fresh the smell is. We will exceed your expectations and will take the steam cleaning business to another level.

We are The Best of the Best Sofa Cleaners near you.

Sofa cleaning offers

We know that money is tight and upholstery cleaning is not the best spent in the world, so we have got something for you to make your life easier and your wallet fuller. We have got something to smile about.

There are various seasonal discounts with upholstery cleaning that you take advantage of. The most popular one is:


                Check out more Offers and Discounts on our Hot Offers Page or speak to our staff and they will offer you a discount that suits you! Call 07834726211

You can save as much as £30 off your cleaning bill when you combine 2 or more of our cleaning services. When you call us to clean all rooms house carpet, including living room,bedrooms,hallways and stairs, you automatically receive the chance to clean your sofa for only half the price. We want our customers to be happy so we have lowered the prices as much as possible. You cannot get a discount as good as this anywhere else!

If you are looking for more bargains with your upholstery cleaning, I can recommend you choose one of our BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFERS:



This is the best value for money you can find in City of London, Greater London and the surrounding counties. No other cleaning company can offer to clean any item for you free of charge! You only pay for your 3 seater and 2 seater sofas and you get your Armchair cleaned for free. Absolutely no additional charges. It is our gift to you as a thank you that you have selected our services.


Local services

We are proud to be your local carpet & upholstery cleaning provider. We clean upholstery in Greater London and most surrounding areas in Essex and Kent.

We offer sofa cleaning services in Rainham,sofa cleaning in Elm park, sofa cleaning in Hornchurch, sofa cleaning in Upminster, sofa cleaning in Aveley, sofa cleaning in South Ockendon, sofa cleaning in Grays, sofa cleaning in Purfleet, sofa cleaning in Barking, sofa cleaning in Dagenham, sofa cleaning in Romford, sofa cleaning in Rush Green, sofa cleaning in Ilford, sofa cleaning in Basildon, sofa cleaning in Tilbury, sofa cleaning in Brentwood, sofa cleaning in Chigwell, sofa cleaning in Theydon Bois, sofa cleaning in Loughton, sofa cleaning in Epping, sofa cleaning in Southend-on-sea, sofa cleaning in Woodford, sofa cleaning in Buckhurst hill, sofa cleaning in Waltham Abbey, sofa cleaning in Dartford, sofa cleaning in Kent, sofa cleaning in Belvedere, sofa cleaning in Welling, sofa cleaning in Bexleyheath, sofa cleaning in Bexley, sofa cleaning in Sidcup, sofa cleaning in Bromley, sofa cleaning in Orpington, sofa cleaning in Beckenham, sofa cleaning in Caterham and many more.




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